Friday, 26 September 2014

White Skin

Tough Week.
Here are the Final Photos of the Shoot i did with a friend a Few months Ago..
Hope you like them.:)

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Next im working on my travel Diaries of when i shifted to delhi and my little trips in Gujarat:)
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Friday, 12 September 2014


  I am in love with This Shoot and it doesn't really makes sense sometimes to finalize my shoots months after shooting them.. but i guess its always been like this since i can remember..i felt now i had the whole idea and feel for how i could edit this one and i guess i Wouldn't have had done more justice to it before..
 This shoot was an experimental Bridal Shoot . It has a touch of Vintage and an essence of Modern bridal Make over..
The beautiful make up and Clothing was a Courtesy By Priyanka Chopra which is inspired by Peacock Colours and the Model is Isha Sapru who is always very fun to Work with.
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